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Course Overview

A qualified subject examiner guides a group of  up to 4 student through a comprehensive list of exam topics and questions.   All classes will take place online in groups of 4. Student will ideally need a laptop although you will be able to login using a smartphone.

Students have plenty of opportunities for develop their exam skills during the theory lessons and to demonstrate progress in this area they will have the opportunity to complete 5 formal assessments in class under timed conditions, students will receive expert feedback and grading on all formal assessments.

This course is ideally suited to a final year A-level student who needs to focus on intensive revision and  exam practice. 


Specification / Syllabus AQA

The AQA A-Level Computer Science  Intensive Revision Course is a comprehensive program designed to provide focused and effective revision for students preparing for their A-Level Computer Science exams. This course spans over 28 lessons, each lasting 70 minutes, and is spread across 7 weekends from January to February 2024.

With small groups of only  4 students per lesson, this course offers a personalized and interactive learning environment. Our experienced and knowledgeable instructors will guide students through key topics, ensuring a deep understanding of the AQA A-Level Computer Science Curruclum. 

Course Start Dates options 

13th January 2024  25th February 2024   

2nd  March 2024- 20th April  2024


Weekend Timetable 


Paper 1 

  • 11:00-13.20
  • 14:00- 16:20
  • 17:00-19:20


Paper 2 

  • 11:00-13.20
  • 14:00- 16:20
  • 17:00-19:20

Space is limited you are advised to book early 



What are the Prerequisites?

The exam skills course is most suited to students who have completed the AS portion of their A-level course, this course is aimed at students  in their final year of A-levels. The aim of these sessions is to equip student with effective exam stratgeies and practice opporunity, our core focus is to review a broad range of exam questions and to provide students an opportunity for feeback on practice assessment. 

For an outline of each lesson click the link below 

Student Feedback

Amazing teacher, I covered so much content really quickly 

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  • Classes :28
  • Duration :7 weeks
  • Language :English