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Aug 31, 2023


Course Overview

The Exam Skills course last for 6 hour and is completed over 4 days. A qualified subject examiner guides a group of  up to 6 student through a comprehensive list of exam questions.  Each student must select the questions they wish to review from a list of options. In connection with the exam question some syllabus content will be covered.  The sessions provide students with an opportunity to receive independent feedback on assessment practice. This course is ideally suited to a final year A-level student who needs to focus on intensive exam practice. 

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What are the Prerequisites?

The exam skills course is most suited to students who have completed the AS portion of their A-level course, this course is aimed at students  in their final year of A-levels. The aim of these sessions is to equip student with effective exam stratgeies and practice opporunity, our core focus is to review a broad range of exam questions and to provide students an opportunity for feeback on practice assessment. 

Curriculum has not been updated yet.

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